Most Popular and Best Selling Alcove Bathtub – the Malibu Home Driftwood Skirted Acrylic Tub

Most Popular and Best Selling Alcove Bathtub – the Malibu Home Driftwood Skirted Acrylic Tub

This week’s tub spotlight is on Malibu Home’s best-selling and most popular alcove bathtub – the Driftwood Skirted Acrylic tub. The question is, what makes this tub such a perennial choice for a bathroom remodel?

Malibu Home Driftwood Acrylic Alcove Skirted Bathtub

Let’s dive in the warm water. In general, most bathtub purchases are the result of a bathroom remodel versus new construction – and in many cases, that doesn’t involve moving the drain location and the walls surrounding the old tub location. Therefore, the physical space of the bathroom is dictating tub type choice. Secondarily, it’s likely that the bathtub was also functioning as the shower basin – therefore the bathtub needs to have a tile flange which prevents water from getting behind your walls where the tub meets the tile. With those prerequisites in mind, finding a contemporary skirted bathtub made in the USA, crafted with longevity in mind, and with a molded-in tile flange would seem easy. Until you realize 80% of the skirted bathtubs you see online (which look good in pictures) are cheap overseas products that you could kick across the bathroom floor - and with no real structural integrity, longevity is a real question mark. 

And this is why the Malibu Home Driftwood Alcove bathtub is consistently a big seller - because American consumers want size choice, quality, beauty, function, and durability - and don’t mind paying a little bit more for those requirements. After all, and this is the most important bathtub buying consideration - a bathtub is not something you plan on changing out every couple of years. 

When it comes to the ordering and purchasing process of a bathtub, there’s also a new set of variables. Considering current supply chain disruptions - buying American is almost a no-brainer.  Why put yourself at the mercy of a fluctuating delivery date when your tub is in a container on a ship, stuck in some port, and meanwhile you’re trying to schedule contractors and plumbers? In contrast, every Malibu Home bathtub is made to order – thus you are receiving a hand-crafted product made for you and your family with a very predictable manufacturing lead time – either 2 or 3 weeks depending on whether the tub is a soaker or has a system. Malibu Home bathtubs are then carefully boxed and palleted and are shipped freight by American Truck Drivers from either California or North Carolina factories.

Taking a look at function, the Malibu Driftwood Skirted Tub is a perfect bathtub shower combination importantly available in right and left hand drain configurations. With a molded-in tile flange the build quality reminds consumers that American Made products can and should be worth the extra expense. The Driftwood incorporates a spacious interior bathing well for showering, and while bathing, a gentle lumbar back support for reclining comfort. Every Driftwood can come as a soaker or as a system tub (Whirlpool, Air Jet, or Combination Whirlpool & Air Jet). Most impressively, to suit all types of bathroom remodels, the tub comes in 8 different sizes from 60” x 30” x 22” up to 72” x 36” x 22”. As well, Malibu Home offers two ADA heights – the 60” x 30” x 18” and the 60” x 32” x 18”. The cherry on top is when purchased on Malibu Home’s E-commerce Store – your waste and overflow are included and available in different trim finishes (such as biscuit, white, polished chrome, satin nickel, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze) – offered as no cost options. This is a serious money savings. 

Lastly, when it’s time to install, your plumber or contractor will be happy as they can easily level the Driftwood with the factory installed self-leveling feet. As well, due to the structural integrity of Malibu bathtubs, laying down a mortar bed underneath the tub is not required. Once again, further time and money savings that most folks never factor into the process. With a 5 year warranty, Malibu Home bathtubs provide peace of mind, bathing pleasure, and are sure to part of your family and your new bathroom for a long time!

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