Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How does shipping work?

All of our bathtub orders are shipped via a freight truck (LTL - with a lift gate), originating on the West Coast or the East Coast depending on your address. The trucking company will contact you (via phone M-F) 24 hours in advance to arrange a timeline for you to be home to accept delivery. The truck (with lift gate) will drop the item at your curbside/driveway. The driver will NOT carry or move the shipment onto your property, thus it will not be brought into your home/condo/apartment - this is due to liability, and is standard for large freight shipments. Thus, we obviously suggest having 2 people minimum to help in moving your order onto your property. Note: First Inspect Your Shipment Before Driver Leaves. 

For further shipping information please see our Shipping Policy.

What if the shipment is damaged?

It is very important not to dispose of the container your item was shipped for two days. You must inspect your shipment for any damages potentially caused by the freight company. We have stringent quality control procedures and document every item that leaves our factories, but damage during freight sometimes happens. IF you see obvious damage to your item - do not accept delivery. After removing your item from the packing you have only TWO Days to inform us of damage to initiate a damage claim caused by the shipping company. Remember, we document every item that leaves our factory.

Can I return an item? 

If you decide for whatever reason to return your item, you have 30 days. However, you must first receive a RMA # from Malibu Home to initiate the return (email us). Customer is 100% responsible for Return Freight Charges (which can vary from $300-$600). There is also a restocking fee of 30% of the cost of the item.

For further return information please see our Return Policies.

What if the item is damaged (and I find out after the shipping company has delivered and left)?

You have 48 hours to report a damage claim that has occurred during shipping. Our shippers only allow a 48 hour window to open a damage claim. After the shipper has left, if you find damage - we need to see visual photographs of the damage so that we can compare it against the photos we have taken when it left the factory. Installers/plumbers can damage items during installation and then try and blame us for shipping a damaged item, believe me, we don't play that game as we have seen it all. If it turns out you indeed have a damaged or defective product caused in manufacturing we will take responsibility and request the tub be returned. 

Can I easily track my order?

Yes. We will e-mail you a tracking number (when your order ships - not when you purchase an item) to the email address given at the time of purchase.

Where can I download a PDF of the Owners Manual?

Download the Malibu Home Owners/Installation Manual

How long does it take for me to receive a bathtub? And what is Malibu's Lead Time?

All of our bathtubs are made to order for YOU. Most of our bathtubs take approximately 2-3 weeks to manufacture. Our Freestanding Solid Surface tubs take 4-5 weeks to manufacture. Actual delivery time on the truck takes approximately 3-10 days. Interestingly, we are still FASTER than most other vendors (who are often often out of stock as they buy bathtubs from overseas) - ALL of our bathtubs are NEVER OUT OF STOCK and are MADE IN THE USA.

Can I undermount my bathtub?

Yes - some of our drop-in bathtubs can be undermounted. IMPORTANT - check the specification sheet (it will say can or cannot be undermounted). Secondarily, you MUST tell us at time of order you plan on installing undermounted. We will manufacture your tub with a flat top deck - instead of the normal slight pitch inward. IF you wait and tell us later it will too late.

How do I move a Freestanding tub - they look heavy?

You are right... our freestanding tubs are heavy (built with quality). Thus, we have designed a special lift bag (which is included in box) to aid in the final stage of moving your item into your home.

Do you provide a warranty and what are the terms?

Our commitment to quality covers all of our products. Every item we sell is covered under a 5-year guarantee for manufacturing defects. The specific electrical and plumbing components (such as pumps, blowers, and controls) are covered under a 1-year limited guarantee. At our discretion, we will replace the parts needed or a complete product depending on the specific situation. 

How can you be contacted?

Please reach out to our staff and customer service at You can reach us by phone at 888-251-1226. We'd be happy to assist with the sometimes overwhelming selection process of purchasing a bathtub.

Can I cancel an order?

Should you wish to cancel an order you have 24 hours no questions asked. We will refund directly to the payment method you purchased with minus a 3% transaction fee that Shopify does not refund Malibu. Beyond 24 hours we are manufacturing YOUR bathtub and the order cannot be cancelled.

Do I need a plumber or contractor to install my bathtub?

Yes, we highly recommend hiring a plumber or contractor to install your new bathtub. We even include specifications sheets on our product pages (with dimensions) to show your contractor to verify fit before your purchase.

My Drain cover does not stay down or does not stay up.

The drain cover needs to be unscrewed and adjusted (ONLY the drain cover) which is done by rotating by hand till it comes out. There is an adjustment screw at the bottom of the drain cover stem (FIGURE 13) on diagram. This screw needs to be adjusted by slightly lengthening or shortening so that the drain body grabs ahold of that screw properly. This adjustment screw is ALL that needs to be worked on.

Where can I find installation instructions or the product manual?

Please use this download link for our manual.

Why does my Air System turn on by itself after I finish a bath?

Air Jet Systems have a water sensor and will turn on a purge cycle if the sensor detects water. It will turn off by itself. Keeps the system clean.

Can I use bath additives such as bubble bath, bath salts, and bath oils?

Additives can be used to enhance your bathing experience. However, be very careful when using bubble bath as increased action in the whirlpool or air jet system will generate more bubbles than necessary. Always use small amounts of any additives until you find the desired amount. It is also suggested to clean your system on a regular basis, especially when using these additives.

How do I clean my whirlpool or air jet system?

To remove accumulations of bath residue from the whirlpool or air jet system, it is recommended that a whirlpool bath be purged at least once a month. We recommend JetFresh® whirlpool bath system cleaner specifically for this purpose.

How does an inline water heater work?

The heater turns on when a vacuum switch senses water flow through the heater and the internal thermostat automatically senses the need for heat. The thermostat is set at the maximum temperature. The heater is designed to maintain the water temperature around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Why is an access panel necessary on system bathtubs?

In the event that servicing the pump/motor should become necessary, the access panel would facilitate service or maintenance requirements.