Whirlpool or Air Jet System Bathtubs - Which are Better?

Having trouble deciding on a whirlpool bathtub versus an air jet tub? First off, you cannot go wrong with either choice – as both bathtub system types make bathing a true joy and can turn your bathroom into your very own private spa. Let us dive in a little (no pun intended) and take a closer look at the key differences.

Malibu Home Whirlpool Jet

Malibu Home offers whirlpool or air Jet systems (or both – called a combination tub) on all our Drop-In and Skirted bathtubs and on a select few of our Freestanding tubs. Both jetted systems offer a massage-like experience, but fundamentally they differ as whirlpool jets vigorously pump out water (via six Malibu Home multi directional nozzles) while an air jet releases thousands of tiny champagne-like air bubbles through 20-30 small nozzles around the base of the tub. Therefore, by the nature of process, whirlpool jets (6 or 8 jets per tub) will be a more directional powerful stream of water while air jet bubbles will provide more of a whole body invigorating sensory experience. 

Whirlpool system tubs are often considered a form of Hydrotherapy as they promote relaxation, support healing and wellness and can ease muscle aches and pains. Hydrotherapy has been used for centuries to relieve and treat pain and is amazingly convenient when the spa happens to be your own bathroom retreat. Because Malibu Home whirlpool nozzles are fully adjustable by fingertip, water pressure can be directed to target stress points along the body like a deep tissue massage (promoting increased blood flow) or pointed slightly away from your body providing a gentler swirling water experience. 

Air jet tubs (via a blower motor) produce thousands of small warm air bubbles providing an effervescent whole body massage experience. As the warm bubbles surround your entire body the feeling is both invigorating and soothing at the same time. With the electronic keypad mounted on the tub you have full control over the air system settings and the pulse wave feature ensuring you can sit back and enjoy a truly blissful air massage. 

Malibu Home Air Jet bubbles

Malibu Home prices their whirlpool and air jet massage tubs at the same price point (correspondingly per size), so ultimately the choice depends upon how you want to enjoy your luxury bath time. And if you really cannot decide, then we of course suggest getting both systems on the same bathtub. Our combination bathtubs, which include both a whirlpool and an air jet system are the ultimate in relaxation and bathing pleasure. Happy bathing! 

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