Malibu Home Air Jet System Bathtubs

Our Air Jet Systems can be added to a variety of our bathtubs. When you are seeking relaxation, millions of gentle warm air bubbles will massage your tensions away and leave you feeling invigorated. With full control over the Air System and the Pulse Wave feature you can sit back and enjoy a blissful air massage. We want your bathroom and our Air Jet System bathtub to become your personal spa. Relax... you deserve it!

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Malibu Home Bathtubs are made with .125" thick Lucite Acrylic providing industry leading structural support and outstanding heat retention... and all our Drop In bathtubs come with a Waste and Overflow. Our tubs are easy to clean and our acrylic surface is slip and stain resistant - plus with adjustable leveling feet, installation is simplified and there is no need for an expensive mortar bed.



Air Jet Heated Bubble Massage

Our approximately 28 (varies slightly by model) Air Jets provide a stimulating but gentle air massage. Let thousands of a heated warm air bubbles surround you in a rejuvenating bathing

3/4 HP Variable Speed Heated Blower

The Malibu Home Air massage system comes with a 3/4 HP Variable Speed Heated Blower. It plugs into a 110V outlet with a three prong cord and the blower motor comes per-mounted to the tub.

Air Bubble Stimulation

Enjoy the health benefits of a stimulating warm Air Jet bubble system and rejuvenate your body.

Waste and Overflow

Each Malibu Home Air System bathtub comes with a Waste and Overflow.




Malibu Home Air Jet System Bathtub

Malibu Home Acrylic Thickness

Our combined 3/8" Lucite Acrylic Thickness with backing provides outstanding structural support and heat retention. 

Air System Jet Placement

Malibu Home Bathtub Air Jets line the bottom walls of the tub, creating millions of small warm air bubbles that make for a gentle and invigorating bath experience.

Electronic Touch Keypad

Malibu Home Air System bathtubs come with an Electronic Touch Keypad mounted on the tub for easy access to the controls. You are in full control of the invigorating air massage.

Luxury Air Jet Styling

Malibu Home Air Jets are located at the base of the tub for optimal styling and functionality. The Air jet system also has a low level water sensor turning the system off automatically if necessary.