About Us

Malibu Home specializes in direct to consumer luxury bathtubs and bathroom fixtures for homeowners, designers, and contractors. Every bathtub order is made to order in the USA (and shipped in the USA free of charge) - no tub is pulled off a dusty shelf or comes from an overseas shipment.

  • Malibu Home offers drop-in, alcove or freestanding bathtubs in acrylic, composite, or solid surface. Your custom bathtub order (with options, accessories, and upgrades) is made from an extensive selection of bathtub types and sizes - and is manufactured in 2 to 4 weeks depending on the tub. Want to add a Whirlpool or Air Jet or both? We've got it all.
  • Looking for a complimentary bathroom vanity, sink or basin, perhaps even a new toilet? We've got exciting new bathroom fixtures to add to your bathtub order.
  • Want matching trim finishes on your overflow and drain? Make sure you select your FREE drain kit trim finish with a purchased tub. Other bathroom product choices include selecting your counter top and the color of your vanity. 
  • Come chat with us online and get answers to your bathroom remodel questions.
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  • All our products are offered ONLINE ONLY, thus allowing us to offer a superior quality American Made product, value priced.
  • Contact Us at 888-251-1226 or INFO@MALIBUHOMEINC.COM

    Welcome to Malibu Home, we've got gorgeous bathtubs and bathroom fixtures... you provide the gorgeous bathroom!

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